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. Advance Bookings Required! -

Internet Bookings - Please email us for bookings WITHIN CALGARY and local area. For reservations OUTSIDE CALGARY try our "on-line" booking system which will accept internet bookings up to 72 hours prior to your pickup time. You can also email us. Within 72 hours of pickup please give us a phone call. Certain dates can sell out. (top).

Telephone Bookings - Airport Shuttle Express operates on advance bookings. Book early to ensure a pick-up. Telephone: (403) 509-4799 extension 1; Fax (403) 272-4799.


Airport(s) Check-In -

Calgary International Airport (YYC) - The main terminal serves all the major scheduled and large charter airlines. Our driver will meet you in the luggage claim area of your domestic airline. For International Arrivals we meet in the terminal outside the exit from Canada Customs. The driver will have a sign with the name you have given us. (i.e. Company or individual). (top).

Esso Avitat Corporate Terminal, Northern Caribou Airlines Terminal, Shell Piedmont Hawthorne Terminal, Executive Flight Centre, Sunwest Home Aviation Terminal - These terminals are located on the south side of the airport. Please give us your arrival flight information, tail number for private planes and which terminal for the pickup. (top).


The kennel charge for small dogs or cats is $5.00 extra and $10.00 for a large kennel. The animals must be in a kennel and put in the luggage compartment. Guide, seeing eye & service dogs are carried free of charge on the floor next to the client.

Airport Rules - "A person with a dog, that is, any animal that is not a service animal or one that is not flying, that person is to be reminded of the Calgary Airport Authority policy about animals within the Terminal and will be asked to remove the animal from the premises. "


Bikes - With advance reservations we can transport bikes, preferrable in boxes. We do have an outside bike rack which will take four bikes. An extra charge may apply.

Canada Customs & Immigration -

All Passengers arriving in Canada must clear Canada Customs and Immigration. Budget on 45 minutes for the Custom process. For further Custom details please see Citizenship and Immigration Canada.(top).

Our Shuttle departs the airport approximately 45 minutes (about 30 minutes for domestic clients) after your plane has landed, giving you enough time to clear Canada Customs. If you meet the driver earlier, you depart earlier. If you are delayed by Canada Customs make sure you get a message to the driver waiting in the terminal at the exit from Canada Customs.(top).

Cargo Vans -

Our vans can be converted to cargo vans to carry luggage or we can obtain different sized equipment depending on your requirements. i.e. Sprinter Cargo Van(s), trucks, or larger. Please email us your requirements. (top).

Car Rentals -

Child Car Seats & Booster Seats -

Parents MUST bring their own seats and install it in the vans. Failure to provide a child car seat for children under 40 pounds (18KG) and under will result in our refusal to transport.

Booster Seats - Children between 4 to 8 years of age are too small to safely fit a seat belt on its own. Children over 40 lbs (18Kg) are safest in a booster seat until they are 80 lbs (36Kg) OR 8 years of age.

A booster seat raises the child for a safer seat belt fit. This makes the shoulder belt cross over the shoulder and chest, away from the vulnerable neck and face. It also keeps the lap belt safely in place over the hipbones and away from the abdomen. Simply, booster seats allow the seat belt to fit over the strong, bony parts of a child's body. 

Seat belts do not properly fit young children. Seat belts are designed for adult bodies. It is suggested you bring a booster seat for your children. For complete details please see

Child Seat Rentals - “One Tiny Suitcase”, a member of Tourism Calgary, does rent different types of children car seats for airport passengers. They even deliver the car seat to the airport. Please contact them directly at: 403-510-2005 or visit their web page by "clicking-here".


Commuter Service (non airport):

Compliments and Complaints -

We take it seriously any complaints or compliments. Please click here for our "Customer Care" Department. (top).

Currency -

All rates quoted are in Canadian Funds and we expect payment in Canadian Funds. Credit Card charges are billed in Canadian Funds. For non Canadian credit card holders your credit card company will bill you in your local currency on the day of the transaction. Please note a billing and a later cancellation can result in credit card charges due to the difference of the buying and the selling of the Canadian Currency.

Airline Baggage Allowance -


Shuttle Baggage Allowance -

Airport Shuttle Express charges for excess luggage as the more luggage we carry restricts our ability in picking up additional passengers. Our drivers are restricted on the weight they are allowed to lift. They have the right to ask, at any time, for assistance in lifting your luggage.(top).