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Calgary to Canmore Airport Shuttle

Daily Calgary Airport to CANMORE Scheduled Service:

Daily scheduled service between the Calgary Airport and The Coast Hotel in Canmore. NO Residential service.

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Calgary to Canmore Door-to-Door Charter Service

Door-to-Door Hotel and Residential Charter Service in Sedans, Vans, and Minibus between the Calgary Airport and ANY hotel or residence address in Canmore.

(Advanced reservations required)

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Groups and Conventions Organizers:

If you are planning a group or convention, we have you covered.

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Three Sisters Canmore Alberta

Three Sisters Canmore Alberta Photo ©Airport Shuttle Express 2022

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Calgary to Canmore - Private Charters

Enjoy your ride to Canmore in private transportation, ideal for groups of 3 or more who do not wish to use a ride share or traditional charter service. Airport Shuttle Express offers choices for groups of all sizes. 

Calgary Airport OR Calgary TO Canmore private charter rates 

3 Passenger Cadillac Sedan (or Similar) $250.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE
6 Passenger Cadillac Escalade $450.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE
6-13 Passenger Vans $550.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE
24 Passenger Minibus or larger  - Email us for a quote & to book
Canmore TO Calgary or Calgary Airport private charter rates
3 Passenger Cadillac Sedan (or Similar) $250.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE
6 Passenger Cadillac Escalade $450.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE
6-13 Passenger Vans $550.00 + Tax & Gratuity RESERVE



  • This is for fast, private “door-to-door” charter/private service.
  • Service offered to/from Calgary Airport and any hotel or residential address in Canmore or Harvey Heights.
  • It is ideal for small groups and may be more economical than booking multiple, single-scheduled shuttle tickets. 
  • This service can take up to 1 3/4 hours, subject to good road/weather conditions.
  • Our driver will meet you in the luggage claim area of your domestic airline OR for International Arrivals, our driver will meet you in the terminal at the exit from Canadian Customs.
  • The driver will have a “meet and greet” sign with your name or a company name which you have advised.



  • The Calgary Airport Authority Exit/Parking/Pickup Fees
  • The 5% Canadian Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • A tip to the driver.


Looking for pre-scheduled, single-ticket shuttle services? Please click below (departure times subject to change) 

Calgary Airport to Canmore Scheduled Bus Service

Depart Calgary Airport










22:30 23:59

Arrive Canmore










23:50 01:19

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Canmore to the Calgary Airport Schedule Bus Service

Depart Canmore 03:40





11:30 12:30






Arrive Calgary Airport






13:30 14:30






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Calgary to Canmore Shuttle with Banff Airporter®  

Travel in style in your high-back recliner with a 110V plug-in, individual temperature control, large touring windows, and TVs. Banff Airporter’s custom-made passenger entry door is virtually silent, even on a windy day. Large tour windows offer peak-to-peak visibility, and extra glass thickness provides warmth and soundproofing. Air suspension offers a smooth, constant ride quality, regardless of passenger load. Rear air conditioning moderates air temperature in both summer and winter.

We‘ll take your luggage and pre-load it onto the bus so you can enjoy the airport and walk to the bus without your bags. After loading on the bus, our driver will introduce himself, explain the vehicle's features, offer complimentary bottled water and prepare for your safe departure.

Delivered to the Coast Hotel Canmore

Checking in with Banff Airporter® is easy. When you arrive at our desk, you’ll find a smiling agent ready to check you in. Your bags are pre-loaded by your driver. The entire process is a smooth 20 seconds, and all you need to know is your last name…no paperwork is required. The pickup and drop-off location for Canmore is at the Coast Hotel Canmore. Taxi service (extra cost) is available throughout Canmore from the Coast to/from your hotel, motel, or B/B.

Canmore Service Information

Calgary Airport to/from Canmore: One Way

“Shared-Ride” Service

Adult (18-64)


Senior (65+)


Child (6-17)


 Children under 5



  • Advance reservations are required. Some departures can sell out! Book when you know your travel dates.
  • Service DOES NOT stop in Canmore without advance reservations! No Coast Canmore pickups are complete, without an advance reservation.
  • Some departures shown are “seasonal”.

For exact times and rates on your travel date(s) OR to book: Click Here!


  • The vehicle stops at Coast Hotel Canmore (if there are pre-booked passengers)
  • There is no other Canmore drop or pickup location.
  • At the Coast Canmore, there are taxis, which can take you to other hotels, motels, or condos in Canmore and the surrounding area.
  • NO PICKUPS in Canmore without an advance reservation.
  • If going to a hotel or address other than the Coast Canmore you may wish to consider Airport Shuttle Express “door-to-door” Service.


  • Upon your arrival at Calgary International Airport, you’ll find Banff Airporter is located inside the airport between exit doors 5 and 6 at area “B” of the main arrivals level, domestic terminal. We’re conveniently located between Tim Horton’s and Starbucks! Pick your poison. Checking in is super simple. Just pull up to the desk and have your last name handy. Click for instructions on how to locate the Banff Airporter inside the Calgary Terminal


  • Banff Airporter leaves “on time” and does not wait for late flights. Please be ready 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time.
  • If your flight is late you are permitted to go on their next bus, subject to availability.


  • The Calgary Airport Authority Exit/Parking/Pickup Fees.


  • A tip to the driver(s).
  • The 5% Canadian Goods and Service Tax (GST).
  • Rates/Times a subject to change without notice.


Banff Airporter’s Terms/Conditions:

  • All Banff Airporter services are payable in full upon booking.
  • All scheduled reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless Travel Insurance is purchased through their website booking engine.
  • Bookings with their travel waiver can be canceled prior to the time of travel and receive a full refund for the cost of the booking.
  • After the time of travel, all bookings are non-refundable.
  • Round-trip reservations are considered independent legs of travel.
  • Departures from the airport are prompt at the scheduled times listed due to airport policy.
  • Drivers are unable to wait for late arrivals, luggage, etc.
  • Late arrivals are requested to check-in at the Banff Airporter desk or call the Banff Airporter main booking line. Bookings are valid for the day of travel and late arrivals will be accommodated on the next available shuttle. (Accommodations will be made for acts of god).
  • Departure from Canmore may vary due to traffic or weather. Passengers should be ready 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time and expect Banff Airporter no later than 15 minutes past your scheduled pickup time. Airport arrival times take this procedure into account but may vary due to traffic and weather.
  • Banff Airporter clients are requested to wait for scheduled services in a place where it will be easy to be seen by the driver. Drivers are unable to ring doorbells, apartment numbers, hotel rooms, etc due to the schedule requirements.
  • Travelers without reservations will be accommodated on a stand-by basis, subject to availability.
Luggage Allowance:
  • Passengers are allowed two pieces of luggage plus a carry-on. Anything above and beyond this is $10.00/bag and will be accommodated as best as possible. Ski bags are treated as full-size bags. Bikes in boxes are permitted, subject to luggage space being available.
  • Banff Airporter is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged luggage.
  • Animals are not permitted unless they are service animals with a necessary certificate.
  • Airport Shuttle Express does take animals on a ‘charter’ basis. Please contact us!
  • All skis, snowboards, and bikes must be properly packaged for transport (bikes must be in boxes). Any oversized luggage (or special luggage such as musical instruments) will be allowed at the discretion of Banff Airporter.
  • Outside Banff Airporter’s times, you may wish to consider an Airport Shuttle Express “Charter”.