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Calgary-Montana Car Rental for Yellowstone & Rockies Trips

 Waterton National Park Canada

Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton National Park Canada. Photo ©2008 Travel Alberta


Seamless One-Way Car Rentals for Your Cross-Border Adventures

Planning a journey across two countries, particularly between Montana, USA, and Alberta, Canada, presents unique challenges, especially when considering one-way car rentals. Imagine a trip that beautifully merges the wonders of Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks in the United States with the majestic beauty of Waterton, Banff, and Jasper National Parks in Canada. While the idea is exhilarating, the logistics often are more complex.

One-way car rentals directly between Montana and Alberta are generally hard to come by. While major cities in the USA and Canada offer this service, the same doesn't hold for journeys between Montana and Alberta. Rental companies operate within their own countries, meaning a car rented in one country can't be returned in another, leading to potential revenue loss while the vehicle remains idle.

This is where Airport Shuttle Express in Calgary bridges the gap. We offer a seamless connection between the two destinations. Whether you're travelling from Alberta to Montana or vice versa, our private charter services, including sedans, vans, and SUVs, ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition. You can learn more about our services from Montana, USA, to Alberta, Canada, and in the opposite direction here.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies? We've got you covered. For a guide to attractions and activities in Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper in Alberta, Canada, click here. Would you be interested in sightseeing tours from Calgary to the Canadian Rockies? Please take a look at the details here.

Remember, planning can make your spring, summer, or fall trip even more enjoyable. Accommodations, transportation, and even parking in popular areas like Banff, Lake Louise, and the Glacier Park area in Montana can take a lot of work to secure. Start planning your adventure today for a seamless experience!

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Northbound To Canada.

  • Rent your car in the United States and travel between the Yellowstone area and Great Falls, East Glacier or Kalispell, Montana.

  • Return your rental car to the same location you rented, or if it's a one-way within the US, the one-way destination. 
  • Airport Shuttle Express will take you across the border from Montana to the car location in Calgary or Banff, Canada.

  • Rent your car in Calgary or Banff and explore the Canadian Rockies!

Southbound TO the United States.

  • Airport Shuttle Express offers charter van service between Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Montana.

  • Airport Shuttle Express will take you across the border to a car rental location in East Glacier, Great Falls or Kalispell/Whitefish, Montana.

  • Airport Shuttle Express can also offer this service to most Montana towns and cities.

East Glacier is the closest USA car rental location to Calgary, with the other major rental companies at Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Whitefish or the Great Falls International Airport. Please click here for details on the Montana USA to Alberta Canada OR Alberta Canada TO Montana USA!


Renting a car in Canada or the United States and returning it to its original location is typically straightforward. When planning your rental, please let the rental company know about your trans-border travel so they can prepare the necessary paperwork. Additionally, you could potentially save on rental costs by choosing an “off-airport” pickup location, even if you plan to return the car to the airport. For example:

In Calgary:

  • Opting for a non-airport pickup location can often be more cost-effective.
  • For instance, to book for 18 August 2024, a one-week full-size car rental with unlimited mileage will cost $3,250.53 CAD when picked up at the airport and booked at the counter; pre-booking brought it down to $2,931.41 CAD.
  • In contrast, a non-airport pickup costs $692.30 CAD at the counter, reducing further to $625.26 CAD when pre-booked.
  • Remember, these rates are just the base prices and do not include taxes, insurance, and other additional fees.
  • It's also important to note that the Canadian Dollar typically values around 30 – 35% less than the US Dollar (as checked on 12 December 2023).

These examples highlight how a little research and planning can lead to significant savings on your car rental needs.

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Check the links for full details about their service, times, destinations, and prices on the date(s) you plan to travel. Information is “subject to change”. and “error”. Please check with the bus line for correct information for fares and times on your travel date!

Getting To Montana

Airport Shuttle Express can arrange to take you to and from places in Alberta, Canada, and to and from any place in Montana, USA.

Our charter van requests usually originate in Calgary or Banff, and we visit Great Falls, Helena, Butte, East Glacier, or Whitefish/Kalispell, Montana.

Travelling in Montana and other US Points

Once in Montana, there are multiple options available for travelling.

Great Falls:
From Great Falls, there is a bus service to/from Southern Montana, including Helena and Butte.

    • SOUTH From Great Falls with Salt Lake Express there is a once daily service to Helena & Butte.
    • NORTH From Butte & Helena with Salt Lake Express there is a once daily service to Great Falls.
  •  Whitefish/Kalispell:
  • Butte:
    • At Butte bus service is offered to/from Missoula, Billings, Bismarck, Boseman, Fargo, West
      Yellowstone, Idaho Falls, Spokane, Cody, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Denver.
    • WEST From Butte Jefferson Lines offer service to Missoula, MT Coeur d’ Laine ID and Spokane, WA. From Spokane Greyhound offers service further west.
    • EAST From Butte Jefferson Lines offer service to Bozeman & Billings MT. North & South Dakota,
      Wisconsin, Minnesota,Wyoming, Kansas
    • SOUTH From Butte with Salt Lake Express offer service to Idaho Falls, West Yellowstone, Jackson, Boise & Salt Lake City with connections to Las Vegas.
    • NORTH From Butte & Helena with Salt Lake Express there is a once daily service to Helena and Great Falls.
  • East Glacier
    • NORTH Airport Shuttle Express offers a seasonal bus or a year round charter service to/from East Glacier and Calgary or Banff Alberta Canada.
  • Missoula 
    • WEST From Missoula Jefferson Lines offer service to Coeur d’ Laine ID and Spokane, WA. From Spokane Greyhound offers service further west to Seattle and Portland
    • EAST From Missoula Jefferson Lines offer service to Butte, Bozeman & Billings MT, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota,Wyoming, Kansas,
    • NORTH From Missoula with a Greyhound/ Flathead Transit associate once daily to Polson, Kalispell and Whitefish.
    • SOUTH From Whitefish and Kalispell with Greyhound / Flathead Transit there is a once daily service to Missoula.
  • Billings 


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RAIL: Amtrak, Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours and Via Rail Canada

  • Airport Shuttle Express operates “charter vans” between any of Montana’s Amtrak Station and Calgary or Banff.

  • The closest Amtrak station to Calgary is East Glacier or Browning while Whitefish is the closest station to Banff.

  • The Amtrak train is the “Empire Builder” which heads East to Chicago in the morning and West to either Portland or Seattle in the evening.

  • In Seattle there is a daily AMTRAK rail service or a seasonal Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours train North to Vancouver, BC.

  • Make sure Amtrak’s Montana Station is open…and the train stops…for the dates required.

  • i.e. Browning station is opens in the wintertime while East Glacier station closes. Check with Amtrak as to dates.

  • There is also some “flag” stops.i.e. Essex, Mt. Please check with Amtrak for details.

Looking for charter service to Waterton and Glacier National Parks? We’ve got your travel plan covered.

Or Email us at Airport Shuttle Express for a rate quote. Tell us what you are planning. We will try to help!

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